Garden centre display equipments and benching.

Garden Solutions garden centre re-fit.

Garden-Solutions garden centre design and shop fitting equipment.

garden-solutions.com artisan crates. tanalised and treated crates. with stenciles

garden-solutions.com garden centres refits and benching. gardensolutions design and refit services for the garden retailing. www.garden-solutions.com bring out new brochure.

Garden-Solutions and range of display equipment for garden centres and nurseries designed by Linkshelving built by Shaw Timber.
Garden-Solutions. 46 Chatto Road. London SW11 6LL. 0207 9785793 www.garden-solutions.com

Garden-solutions range includes: crates, benching, hexagonals, trestle tables, bedding tables.

Garden centre refits players being: Stagecraft, Timber displays and Garden-Solutions. Garden Solutions making advances in 2013 with clients including:

GCG Garden Centre Group, Toddington Garden centre,Deans Garden centre, summerseat garden centre, Fakenham Garden centre, Podington Garden Centre.

Garden Solutions rustic display equipment 2013 visi our web site www.garden-solutions.com

Outdoor units include:

Shrub Tables
Trestle sets
Benching systems
Tree Bays
Plant Trays

Garden Solutions is a range of timber display equipment for the garden centre industry for both inside and outdoor uses.

We have experience of building for large and small retailers, for manufactures and wholesalers.
Manufactured in West Yorshire by Shaw Timber, designed by Linkshelving.

All our exterior products have been fully tanalized prior to assembly.

Trestle Tables
House Plant Tables
Multi tier and dump bins
Garden Solutions
46 Chatto Road
London SW11 6LL
tel: 0207 9785793